When purposes transform realities

The movement

It’s a movement of engagement, social awareness and common sense review. Through contents and programs, it has the objective of instigating more people to question themselves, practice Empathy and see their Social Role, so they recognize themselves as an active part of a transformation.



Our apologies, so far we are able to publish articles only in Portuguese.


The Journey

EMPATHY EXPERIENCE: 400 days traveling through 40 countries to practice empathy, get connected with others, live their different realities, learn about inequality and social transformation and share what we felt to inspire more people to see the world with will to change it.



experiences and THOUGHTS

Experience #16

Kampala, Uganda

15/Jan/2015 by Felipe

This country has a special place in our hearts for being the...

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Experience #30

Myanmar or Burma

29/Jun/2015 by Felipe

The country is called Myanmar and before used to be Burma... It’s...

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Thought #3

Let’s be in peace?

31/Oct/2014 by Gabi

When the news that I would leave my job in order to...

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Thought #8

About the world’s problems

26/Feb/2015 by Gabi

Some time ago I found out that life goes exactly on the...

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